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The BTA regrets that it is not able to respond to individual medical questions. These should be directed to your family doctor or specialist or to the British Thyroid Foundation

Thyroid Disorders
Information booklets on a range of thyroid conditions are available free to members of the British Thyroid Foundation.

Thyroid Surgery
Information for patients undergoing thyroid surgery has been prepared by the BTA and BTF.
In the meantine it can be read on screen by clicking here. (318kb)

Thyroid Eye Disease
Information for patients with thyroid eye disease has been prepared by the TED association.
Thyroid Eye Disease

Information for patients with underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) who are pregnant or hoping to become pregnant.

Thyroid Cancer
The third edition (2014) of the thyroid cancer guidelines are now available in PDF Format from the guidelines page. The patient information section has been updated and is available to download. This includes sections on
  1. The thyroid gland and thyroid cancer tests and treatment
  2. Information for patients being investigated for thyroid lumps
  3. Surgery for thyroid cancer
  4. Radioactive iodine ablation and therapy
  5. Medullary thyroid cancer
  6. Advanced or higher risk differentiated (papillary and follicular) thyroid cancer
  7. Anaplastic thyroid cancer

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