Officers of the British Thyroid Association

Professor Krishna Chatterjee

President - Professor V Krishna Chatterjee FRS FMedSci


Krishna Chatterjee, Professor of Endocrinology at the University of Cambridge, undertakes research at the interface of basic science and clinical medicine, which aims to advance fundamental knowledge of the thyroid axis.


His group studies rare and unusual disorders of thyroid hormone action, including Resistance to Thyroid Hormone mediated by defective thyroid hormone receptor beta or alpha; and a multisystem disease with deficiency of human selenocysteine-containing proteins, which affects thyroid hormone metabolism. He seeks to translate discoveries into better diagnosis and therapy of both rare and common thyroid disorders.




Secretary - Dr Buchi Okosieme MD FRCP 


I am a consultant endocrinologist at Cwm Taf University Health Board in Wales. My speciality interest is in thyroid disorders and I am affiliated to the Cardiff University School of Medicine Thyroid Research Group. 


My current research interests are in improving thyroid disease outcomes through analysis of linked datasets. 


Thyroid disorders are prevalent worldwide and affect people of all ages. Uncorrected thyroid disease carries significant morbidity with important implications for the pregnant woman and unborn child. The BTA aims to promote research, create awareness, and support high-quality clinical care that will ultimately improve the lives of people with thyroid diseases. It is a privilege to serve on the executive committee and to work with a team of dedicated professionals and patient representatives towards achieving this goal.