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About the current use of Levothyroxine

Dr Mark Vanderpump on Thu 20 Apr

Levothyroxine prescriptions have increased from 19 million in 2007 to 29 million in 2014. We share an article which discusses this.

Treating an underactive thyroid

Dr Mark Vanderpump on Wed 8 Feb

The care of hypothyroid patients who experience symptoms despite adequate biochemical correction is challenging and remains the subject of considerable public interest

About thyroid disease in children

Dr Mark Vanderpump on Wed 4 Jan

How to spot thyroid disease in children and explaining the condition to them

How moods and emotions can be affected by your thyroid

Dr Mark Vanderpump on Wed 7 Dec

A healthy thyroid plays a vital part in brain chemistry, so we should not be surprised that a thyroid disorder can cause unpredictable mood changes.