This is the official site of the British Thyroid Assocation, a non-profit making Learned Society of professional clinical specialist doctors and scientists in the United Kingdom who manage patients with thyroid disease and/or are researching into the thyroid and its diseases in humans.

Current Officers of the British Thyroid Association

Dr Mark Vanderpump
Royal Free Hospital, London
Secretary: Dr Buchi Okosieme
Cwm Taf University Health Board,
Merthyr Tydfil,
Mid-Glamorgan, Wales
e-mail: OkosiemeOE@cardiff.ac.uk
Committee: Dr Prakash Abraham (Aberdeen) (Treasurer)
Dr Jackie Gilbert (London) (Assistant Secretary)

Dr Mark Gurnell (Cambridge)
Dr Petros Perros (Newcastle)
Prof Graham Leese (Dundee)
Prof Colin Dayan (Cardiff)
Dr Vicki Smith (Birmingham)
Prof Graham Williams (London)

The British Thyroid Association (BTA) is associated with The British Thyroid Foundation (BTF) and Thyroid Eye Disease Charitable Trust (TEDct). Both the BTF and TEDct are patient-led officially registered charities set up for the support and education of patients suffering from thyroid disease and their families.

Do you have BTF posters and information leaflets available for patients in your clinic?
Please encourage your patients to join the British Thyroid Foundation.

The BTA regrets that it is unable to respond to medical questions from individuals.

If you have specific questions, we suggest contacting your doctor or visit the British Thyroid Foundation website www.btf-thyroid.org. Also see patient information for more details .


Warning! There are a number of websites with unhelpful and inaccurate information about thyroid disease which should be ignored. Our links are for recognised patient support and information sites recommended by the BTA. The BTA is the only national professional organisation in the UK composed of research doctors and consultants who are accredited by having completed higher professional training in thyroid and other endocrine diseases.
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