Welcome to the British Thyroid Association


The British Thyroid Association is committed to promoting research and interest in the field of thyroidology and to the enhancement of clinical care to patients with thyroid disorders.


A non-profit making Learned Society, membership of the BTA is open to professionals in the UK who manage patients with thyroid disease and/or are researching into the thyroid and its disease in humans.


All medical professionals (including trainees and students); scientists, nurses, and other allied health professionals are welcome to join the BTA.  If you are working in this area we would encourage you to take out membership as this will provide fresh ideas, inspiration and new knowledge via your peers. It also offers several benefits including:


  • The opportunity to attend our annual meeting at reduced cost 
  • The chance to share your abstract at our annual meeting and its subsequent publication in Thyroid Research
  • Discounted registration fees for the BES conference
  • A twice yearly newsletter which keeps you in touch with thyroid related issues
  • Discounted membership of the BTF


Please see full details  of 2024's virtual educational meeting for trainees and face to face annual meeting for members  - including the programme - just here . You will additionally find recordings of selected lectures from our completed events which are available  for a limited time via the Vimeo links


To join the BTA you need a nomination by an existing BTA member - the online form to facilitate this is here and the cost is £40 per year.


 Our current guidelines and statements can be found here 


Please click here and scroll to read about thyroid related events and meetings which are held throughout the year


British Thyroid Association

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